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2016 04 22:

Quick update: The fifth song for the upcoming album is very near completion. At over 11 minutes, it's another long one, and I've also finished up another acoustic piece. My hope is to have about 10 or so pieces for acoustic guitar written so that I can choose which would best suit the album.

Also, the pieces written and recorded by Andy Tattersall and myself are now available at ChrisRupert.ca for anyone who'd like to check them out, and if you're interested in checking out the art exhibit, it opens May 13, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. and runs until July 10 at the Thames Art Gallery, located at 75 William Street North, Chatham, Ontario.

Chris Rupert of Falling Edge


2016 03 29:

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to do some improvised composition with Andy Tatersall, a jazz guitarist whose playing I've admired for some time now. The project was inspired by artist and photographer Holly King.  The multimedia project brought together artists, photographers, writers, and musicians together to collaborate on a series of different works which would later be photographed. Andy and I spent some time looking at the individual works, and then improvised as many short pieces as we could in the given time frame. We came up with 8 tunes, which we recorded on Andy's phone (so we wouldn't forget them) and later gave them a proper recording. I'm pretty happy with the things we came up with, especially since they were so spur of the moment.  The mixing is very near to completion, and I'll post the final products on my solo music site ChrisRupert.ca as soon as they're done. For those interested in checking out the actual art exhibit (which will feature listening stations with our music at each piece), the show opens on May 13, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. and runs until July 10 at the Thames Art Gallery, located at 75 William Street North, Chatham, Ontario.

Chris Rupert of Falling Edge


2016 03 02:

Check out the interview with Falling Edge's Chris Rupert at the Concert Closet Arena.

Writing for the 3rd album is progressing well, and I've got 4 songs that are pretty much ready to record. I've also written a couple of acoustic pieces, and I'm hoping to have several more done by the time I get down to recording, one of which I'll include on the album. I'll be starting work on the next acoustic piece in the next day or two.


Chris Rupert of Falling Edge



2016 02 02:

By now I`m sure most people have suspected and others have figured out that Falling Edge as a band no longer exists. After surviving years of personnel changes, I`m the only one left in the band (is it still a band if it only has one member?) that I formed with Kevin Teatreault, Tim Bork, and Don McClellan 12 years ago.

Although I prefer to have a band to contribute to the writing process (and, obviously, to play live) I`m finding that writing and recording moves along well without, and I`ve been happy with the results. I`ve decided to keep writing and recording new music, which will be much in the same vein as what I`ve done with the band in the past. As to whether to keep the name, friends and supporters have suggested that I should, and I tend to agree with them. For now at least, Falling Edge will continue on with only one member, although I have been approached by a couple of people who have expressed interest in filling the place of my departed bandmates. We`ll see where that goes.

After the release of Convergence at Fossil Falls, I spent some time promoting the new album, then took a little time to regroup. In January I began writing material for the next album, and with some material I wrote during the Convergence era, I`ve got 3 songs written. I`d also like to include another solo guitar piece on this album, so I`ve been writing some material for that as well. As always, I`ll keep you posted on my progress.


Chris Rupert of Falling Edge



A brief history of Falling Edge

The story thus far...

Falling Edge had its beginnings in 2004, with original members Kevin Tetreault (drums, vocals), Chris Rupert (guitar, vocals), and Don McClellan (bass, vocals), although we weren't Falling Edge yet. The next year saw the addition of keyboard player and vocalist Tim Bork, and it wasn't long after that that the idea of committing some of our originals to a CD was tossed around. We began working on the original material in earnest, ironing out timing details, arguing about arrangements, and the like. Recording started late in the summer of 2007, and by the following January a good chunk of
Social Engineering was done. Unfortunately, it was around this time that Don had to leave the band, which left us scrambling for a bass player to continue work on the album. This proved much more difficult than we anticipated, and, several months and several bass players later, our inability to secure a bass player became kind of a running joke among the remaining members. Not a very funny one, mind you. The problem wasn't so much one of finding someone as it was finding someone who could commit to a project of this scope. By the time we located someone who was interested, let them work on the songs for a bit, then rehearsed for several weeks, 2 or 3 months would go by. Multiply this scenario by several different bassists, and it isn't hard to see how completing the album fell way behind schedule. Because Social Engineering was nearing completion, we decided to finish the recording with Chris on bass and all the vocals (Don originally sang backups). It was a bit of a drag having to drop Don's original parts, since we were all happy with his playing, but differences in tone and style made it necessary. Those original bass tracks are still kicking around somewhere, though.

Meanwhile, rehearsals continued for other tracks on the album, as did our quest for a permanent bass player. We started recording Not That Far Away since it makes use of the keyboard for bass. Not That Far Away was about 90% completed when Tim decided to call it quits. Undaunted, we decided to finish the track with Chris on keyboards. Again, because of differences in tone and style, all of Tim's parts on Not That Far Away had to be scrapped. In the meantime, Jim Walsh had joined the band on bass, so at least we were covered for bass.

Rather than repeat our bass player hunting experience, we decided to just push ahead with Chris handling keyboard duties while we looked for a new keyboard player. We pressed on with this lineup for another year or so, when, in August of 2010,  Steve Kubica joined the band on keyboards. After a couple of years of rehearsals, writing, and recording,  Falling Edge's debut CD was released in March 2013.

In late December 2013, bassist Jim Walsh announced his departure from the band. Given our bass player history, the remaining band members were bracing for a long and arduous audition process, but were pleasantly surprised when Matt Broadbent (who had played with the band before Jim joined) agreed to re-join Falling Edge. Unfortunately, a few months later Steve announced that he would be leaving the band, and Kevin followed shortly thereafter, citing family reasons. Matt held on for a couple of months after that and we were able to finish Minstrel in the Corner using Kevin's already recorded drum tracks with Chris playing the rest of the keyboard parts, but with only one other bandmate still on board decided to leave as well.  This left Chris with the task of completing the 2nd album himself, and Falling Edge's sophomore release, Convergence at Fossil Falls, was released in November 2015.

Needless to say, the future of Falling Edge is a little uncertain. However, Chris Rupert has confirmed that he will continue to write and record music in the same vein that Falling Edge fans have come to know and love, with or without a full band. This also makes the feasibility of touring and live shows questionable, but Chris has not given up on the possibility. One never knows what the future may hold...


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 ...“so grab a pen it`s time to re-write what will be your history“- Next Time Around

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