Getting closer…

Getting closer…

We’re one step closer to completing album #3 as Rob recorded drum and percussion parts for Experience/Innocence, the largely acoustic song on the upcoming album. Recording went relatively smoothly with virtually no technical mishaps to contend with. I’ve decided to wait until the last song is recorded to lay down the bass, guitar and vocal tracks on these last 2 songs (I will likely record keyboard parts sooner, however). This leaves only only one more song before the recording phase of the album will be complete.

For the gear heads out there, I’ve been experimenting with playing in-the-box (i.e.,  through a computer with effects and amplifier and speaker simulations rather than an amp) as a live setup. This technology has already made its way into my recording process, as I used a similar technique to record the 2nd guitar part in What Will You Do When You Find Me?. This technology has gotten to the point where it sounds at least as good as its analog equivalents, and offers much more flexible routing possibilities, and, once all the tones are programmed in, is far easier to get a consistently great sound with in a live setting. Implementing this technology into my live setup will involve a few hurdles (not the least of which is designing and building a new custom pedalboard), but I hope to begin using in the next couple of months.


Chris Rupert of Falling Edge


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