more detail at rehearsal last night

more detail at rehearsal last night

We continued our work on I, Awake at rehearsal last night, adding more detail and making some (more or less) final decisions on who would play what where. Notable was the inclusion of some guitar/keyboard harmonies in the opening half of the 1st section. Although we didn’t have time to work harmonies into the 2nd half, we’ve got some ideas for where we’ll put those as well.

We also corrected a couple of issues with the bass parts that were bugging us and worked on tightening up the performance of the piece overall. By the time we ran over things a bunch of times, the bass and drums were grooving much better than they have been previously, and Steve and Chris were playing the harmonies as if they’d always been  there (well, almost).

With these new additions, this section is ever closer to completion, and we should be able to move on to the next section at our next rehearsal.

The band also discussed the possibility of playing at a couple of festivals this summer, which should be doable with the progress we’ve been making on the album recently. As always, we’ll keep you posted on that as more information becomes available.

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