Huge inroads in I, Awake

Huge inroads in I, Awake

Thursday’s rehearsal was a very productive one. After spending several months ironing out details and trying different arrangements, I, Awake is nearly finished. The difficult areas in the intro have finally come together, as have the small sections that had been overlooked in previous rehearsals, but that needed arranging nonetheless.

After settling on the arrangement of the intro, the band easily sailed through the next section and into the verse, where some time was taken to arrange keyboard and bass parts and establish who was going to play what. From there the band moved into the chorus, again with little difficulty.

By the end of the night, everyone in the band was pretty happy with the progress that was made that night, especially since it had taken so long to get to that point. There will no doubt be further revisions, as there always are, but the song is finally done (more or less…)

Falling Edge

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