Ready to record I, Awake

Ready to record I, Awake

Well, after a fair amount of hassle and an unusually long delay between posts, our web page seems to be up and running smoothly. Hopefully it’ll stay that way for a while…

The band had a great rehearsal on Monday, and is now ready to begin recording of the final CD cut I, Awake. Steve plans to record some of the organ parts first, after which Kevin will begin laying down drum tracks. Steve hasn’t committed yet, but there is a possibility that he’ll use (one of) his vintage Hammond/Leslie organ/speaker combinations for the organ parts. We hope to begin work on Steve’s tracks early next week.

The band also made great headway in Social Engineering, nailing it at rehearsal this week, with the exception of one small and very difficult passage. It won’t be long before this one is performance-ready, though.


Falling Edge

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