got through Crippled by Fear

got through Crippled by Fear

The band had a very productive jam last night, working on I, Awake, Social Engineering and Crippled by Fear. Since I, Awake is basically ready to record (in fact the recording on it has already started as noted in previous posts), it just got  a cursory once-over, with a little discussion on some of the finer points of the song. Social Engineering is really starting to come together now, with only a couple of small timing issues to work out.

The big surprise of the night was Crippled by Fear. Although we’d previously only looked at small sections of this one, we got through the entire song last night with only minor glitches along the way. Steve now has a pretty solid handle on the keyboard parts of this song, and it won’t be long before we have it totally under control.

With Christmas fast approaching, we decided to put off any more recording (particularly the drums) until the new year.


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