Almost got all 5…

Almost got all 5…

Very productive rehearsal this week, as the band almost got through all 5 songs! This was especially impressive since Jim cut his left hand pinky finger last week and needed a few stitches (he took the bandage off and it looks really nasty). Everyone’s hoping it’ll heal up soon.

We started out with Next Time Around, which we haven’t really played that much since we recorded it. After going through it a couple of times, it was as if we never left it, and it sounds pretty good on the recording we made.

We also took a shot at Not That Far Away,  which we’ve never played with Steve on keyboards. After a couple of runthroughs, this one sounded pretty solid too, although Steve would like a little more time to work on the solo section which contains multiple key changes.

Social Engineering and I, Awake also sounded really solid and some extra time was spent tightening up some tricky timing parts in the former. By the time we got around to Crippled by Fear it had gotten pretty late, so we decided to save that one till next time.


Falling Edge

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