More Minstrel

More Minstrel

With the drums for I, Awake now done, the band shifted its focus to a new tune at rehearsal this week entitled Minstrel in the Corner. We started working on this one a bit before the Canada Day show, but once we started rehearsals for that, it kind of got neglected so we were glad to be able to get back into it (even if we didn’t remember some of the parts we’d written…).

Once we got into it again, the ideas started coming back and we made good progress, getting to about the 4 minute mark or so and sharing a lot of ideas on what to do with the next section. We also spent some time working on I, Awake so Jim and Steve could brush up any of their parts before recording starts again.

On that note, Steve will be laying down another bit of keyboards this week before Jim goes in to do some  bass tracks. Once Jim’s parts are recorded, Steve will finish off his keyboard parts (you may remember that he already recorded some a while back), leaving only guitar and vocals. Sounds like a lot, but it shouldn’t take too long to finish up now.


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