Covers and CD release party

Covers and CD release party

With the release of the debut CD now imminent, Falling Edge has been booked for a CD release party on June 8, 2013 (more details on that as they become available). Because we’ve spent so much time and energy writing, arranging, and rehearsing our original material, we haven’t had any time to work on any other material. With the CD release party coming up, we decided it was time to bring in some outside material, so we worked on some cover songs this week at rehearsal. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

Tom Sawyer – Rush

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd


For first run throughs, they all sounded pretty good, and we’re looking forward to perfecting them in the coming months. We’re planning on adding these:

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed – Allman Brothers

I’m Your Captain – Grand Funk Railroad

Reelin’ in the Years – Steely Dan

Theme from the Pink Panther – Henry Mancini


We’ll probably add a few more, but these should keep us busy for a while. We also worked on Minstrel in the Corner which is something else we’d like to have ready for the CD release party.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for covers? Post them in the comments section, and we’ll consider them.

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