Welcome back Steve

Welcome back Steve

It was business as usual this week at rehearsal, as Steve rejoined the remaining members of Falling Edge for the first time since his leg operation in June. A good deal of time was spent refreshing everyone’s memory in Sex for Sale, as well as fine tuning some of the more tricky rhythmic parts in the song. Although a little rusty, most of the bugs were worked out after a few run throughs.

From there we moved on to Minstrel in the Corner, which we got through as if Steve had never been gone. As promised in earlier posts, Kevin is more or less ready to record his drum parts for this epic, and there are tentative plans to start that next week. The Lost Journal was next on the list, and after a couple of false starts, we played through it with relative ease as well. There are essentially 3 songs ready to record, so things are in very good shape for the next album. Providing there are no further interruptions, this 2nd album should be out in a much shorter time than the first.

Keep your fingers crossed….



Falling Edge

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