Minstrel vocals and guitar done

Minstrel vocals and guitar done

Kevin Minstrel Matt Minstrel


With Matt Broadbent’s bass parts complete, Chris Rupert was able to record vocal and guitar parts for the mammoth song Minstrel in the Corner. Guitar parts were completed earlier this week, and some great performances were captured. A huge chunk of this song is now complete, and the band is looking forward to finishing it in its entirety and getting a decent rough mix to listen to. Their wait shouldn’t be long, as there is now only a handful of keyboard parts and some backing vocals left to record.

In the meantime, the band has been busy working on some of the new material at rehearsals. The next song we’ll be recording is The Lost Journal,  and we more or less finalized the last of the drum parts for it. We should be able to schedule some recording for drums sometime in the next month or so, depending on how the rest of the summer goes. We also worked on Sex for Sale (which is more or less finished) and the most recent addition Dark Matter. Readers may remember that  a great deal of progress was made on the intro at the last rehearsal, where Kevin came up with some very cool drum parts. More time was spent on working out the bass parts this week, and we’re hoping that we’ll be moving into the next section of that song very soon.


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