More work on Dark Matter, Lost Journal

More work on Dark Matter, Lost Journal

It’s been a fairly quiet summer for the band, with different members taking some time off to spend with their families, but with Minstrel in the Corner more or less complete, we’ve been able to spend a lot more time on Dark Matter and The Lost Journal. The latter is pretty much ready to record, and Kevin is currently perfecting his drum parts in anticipation of recording in the near future.

We’re sad to report that keyboard man Steve Kubica has decided to leave Falling Edge. Those of you who have been following the band’s history know that Falling Edge is no stranger to personnel issues, and although we’re not happy to see Steve go, we are happy to welcome Mark Lau as his replacement. We’ve had a couple of rehearsals with him and things are working out well, and we’re looking forward to completing the second album with him on board.

In Steve’s absence, (and before Mark’s arrival) guitarist Chris Rupert has all but finished up the remaining keyboard parts on Minstrel in the Corner. With this song out of the way, the band has been focusing on getting Mark up to speed with The Lost Journal and Sex for Sale. We’re making pretty good headway on these, and we’re confident we’ll be laying down tracks for them in the near future.


Falling Edge

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