…and then there were 2

…and then there were 2

It’s been an unusually long time since our last post, but there has been a fair amount of turmoil within the band and not much progress┬áto report as a result.

New keyboard player Mark Lau announced his departure from the band in late September, due to unexpected family problems. The band once again found themselves in the all too familiar position of having no keyboard player. Unfortunately, drummer Kevin Tetreault announced his resignation from the band a few weeks later. Remaining members Matt Broadbent and Chris Rupert are in the process of finding new members, and hope to be announcing a new lineup soon.

In the meantime, as in the past, the remaining members will continue to write, arrange, and record as much as possible, keeping the release of the 2nd album on track. As always, we’ll post here as new developments arise.


Falling Edge

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