Songs ready for the new album

Songs ready for the new album

Earlier this week I completed all the writing and arranging for the last of the songs that will appear on the new album, and have started into all the practicing that’s going to be necessary to do the recording. I’m also happy to announce that drummer Rob Kovar, with whom I’ve been jamming over the past few months, will be playing on this record, and hopes to begin recording in the next few weeks.

The TEDx show went well, with a big turnout and an awesome crowd. The entire event was captured on video, and we’re still awaiting its appearance on You Tube. I’ll be sure to post here when it shows up.

You may remember that a year or so ago at this time, I was on the 2015 Cruise to the Edge, where I had the opportunity to play some great prog songs with other like minded musicians. I’ve posted a handful of new photos from that event on the Photos page if you want to check them out.


Chris Rupert of Falling Edge

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