New Falling Edge releases soon…

New Falling Edge releases soon…

Chris and Rob have been pretty busy over the past few weeks with practicing, recording, and mixing/producing, but they wanted to give everyone a quick update on the album. Vocals and more guitar have been recorded for Arcane KnowledgeWhat Are You Waiting For? and Just One More Wish, leaving only some harmony vocals and a few guitar parts left to record on Arcane KnowledgeWhat Are You Waiting For? is now complete, and is currently being mixed and produced.

The big news is that they also recorded a rebooted version of Whatever Happened to Christmas? (a song released in 2012 as a solo piece by Chris Rupert) and hope to release it in the next couple of weeks, along with What Are You Waiting For?. Production of the new songs is moving along well, so there is no reason they shouldn’t be released by December.

We’re looking forward to getting some new music out there!!


Falling Edge

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