Album Progress

Album Progress

Well, 2021 has gotten of to a very rough start for me, but we are making progress in our recording. Rob and I got together earlier this week to go over some ideas he has for drums and percussion for the last track of the upcoming album, Final Dissent. We roughed out about 9 minutes of this mammoth work (you may remember from earlier posts that Final Dissent is over 27 minutes long, so that’s a pretty good sized chunk). I’ve also been able to get some recording done on the other tracks. Here’s a summary of where we’re at:

  1. Arcane Knowledge – nearly done; some guitar parts and backup vocals still left to record
  2. Just One More Wish – really, really nearly done; just need to record a few keyboard parts
  3. What Are You Waiting For? – finished
  4. Not Everyone’s Cup of  Tea – only have drums recorded for this one, but am nearly ready to record rhythm guitar parts and vocals
  5. Whatever Happened to Christmas? – finished
  6. Final Dissent – still writing drum parts

As you can see, we’re inching closer to completion, and Rob is nearly done his drum recording duties. I still have a fair amount of recording to do yet, but I’m confident that I’ll be caught up to Rob soon. We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Chris Rupert of Falling Edge

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