What Will You Do When You Find Me?

What Will You Do When You Find Me?



The price of this download is higher than average because the song is considerably longer than average; this one is over 10 minutes.

*Please do not download tracks directly from the streams. We also ask that you not upload songs or full albums to free music and torrent sites on the internet. As an independent prog band, we rely on our CD and download sales to generate the income necessary to continue to write, record, and release new music.
Also, there are a number of websites that offer our music at ridiculously low prices (like less than $1 for the entire CD). Although they claim that they are legal, they are not. We have no affiliation with these sites whatsoever and we don’t see one penny of the money they are charging their customers. They’ve simply pirated our music (and likely everyone else’s on the site) and are selling it with none of the money going to the band.
Thank you.

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